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Book 1
The Ancient Laws Series

The Ancient Laws had been laid down since before time in honour of the Goddess, and the people of Malukon, Rascop & Tamr had diligently followed them for centuries.  However, the Curse of the Blood Moon, an ill omen that heralds disaster, throws the islands into chaos.  In a desperate attempt to regain  the favour of the Goddess,   the chosen Heirs of the three islands  are forced to break the very Ancient Laws that protect them, and embark on a perilous journey into unchartered waters.

Will the three Heirs, each stubborn and unique in their own way, get over the differences in their opinions & cultures, brave the unknown together, and break the curse that threatens to destroy their people?

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About The Author

They say inspiration strikes like lightning, and it struck A.K.Anumaya when she least expected it – in her sleep. The stories that found her in her dreams continued to bloom and flourish until she had no choice but to give in to the demands of the characters inside her head and embark on a journey to rediscover herself. Since then, she has found purpose in breathing life into the fantasy that had found her. When stress manages to creep past her defences, she retreats into books, dramas, and movies from across the world. As she continues to learn and grow, she invites you to join her and explore her new world with her. Perhaps while you read her books, scroll through her Instagram, that special bolt of lightning might strike you too, and help you discover a brand new you!