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The People

“But,” Rouvin said, his lips widening into a smirk. “Don’t forget who is leading you on this historic voyage.” He pointed to himself with his thumb. “Me,” he announced. “Rouvin, Heir of Rascop, the one Esme so favours, the one who survived the Forest Mor and the Sea of Rascop all by himself.”
The princess met the old man’s eyes. “Esme will never forgive your selfishness or my uselessness,” she said. “I hope the people of Tamr, especially the few I care about, will not end up paying the price for it.”
“No one forced me to come here,” Ilan said. “I came here of my own volition. Whether we like it or not, we were handed a responsibility that changed our lives. We can either accept it and do our best, or we can whine and complain about how we didn’t ask for it and descend into self-pity. I chose the former when I was half your age.”
Tayl wiped her tears and stood up. “I told him I couldn’t help him. I really wasn’t going to help him, Kal. But if I didn’t, he would have fought to his death. I just wanted him to go home safely,” she repeated. A far away look entered her eyes. “He wasn’t scared of me, Kal. He...he even held my hand,” she said, her eyes wide, like she was reliving the surprising moment.
After a few moments, Viyan stood up and got out of the pool. He picked up the washcloth and tied it around his waist. “You know,” he said, turning to Ilan. “Over the past five years, I have asked you countless times what you were thinking, but this is the first time you have given me a proper answer.” After a pause, he added, “I will go gather wood for the fire.”
Kora stood up and looked at the man in front of her. “You shouldn’t have told me your plan,” she told him, “especially after claiming to know me so well.” Before he could comprehend her words, and before she could give in to her fear, Kora ran to the railing of the deck, and in a desperate lunge, jumped off the ship into the dark water below.
"My men have trained all their lives for this moment, Heir of Rascop," Kal said. "Do not threaten me with their lives. I will not give up the Heir of Malukon no matter what you say. But," he paused, "I will spare the lives of the people on the ship if you wish, after you and the Tamr Heir willingly surrender yourselves to me."

The Tales

The Titles

Dlav Zvai - those who spend their lives studying stars
Perl - Ruler of the island, as designated by the Goddess and relayed by the Birked
Ritual Day - Annual celebration to honor the Goddess, followed by the Malukons, Rascops & Tamrs
Saug - Protector and closest aide of the Perl or Heir of the island
Master of healers - those who spend their lives studying the human body and spirit
Heir - The next Perl of the island, as ordained by the Goddess and relayed by the Birked
Ablak - the primary language of Tamrs and the secondary language of Malukons and Rascops.
Esme is the Goddess of Nature and All Things Alive and is worshipped by the people of Malukon, Rascop, and Tamr

The Places

Cliffs of Nev
The Lake of Lotuses
The Mountain of Nev
The Forest of Weeping Trees
The Dark Forests of Nev
The Bamboo Forest of Nev